Sunday, August 14, 2011

It CAN be done! low-sugar birthday cake

Today, I had to meet a rather tall order. I was to run a pre-schoolers birthday party, with food that was low sugar, low wheat and yeast free.
The criteria had been set by myself. The party was for my youngest daughter, and I wanted to provide food that my eldest girl could eat. I wanted to be able to say to her' Go for it! Eat what you like!'
And, I have to proudly say, I DID IT!

Here's the main reason for my pride:

Most of it is very low in sugar. I can't say 'sugar free', as the cake and chocolate both have milk and/or milk solids in, which contain lactose. It is however, sucrose free with the exception of a few of the bears and decorations.
The bears are made from moulding chocolate. I would have used sugar-free/low-sugar chocolate for all of them, but at $7-$10 a bar, it costs far too much, so I had to settle on using standard chocolate for some.
The food decorations are made mostly from pettinice, so again, these were not sugar free. However, the cake itself is wheat free and low-sugar, as is the chocolate ganache that it is covered with.
I also made low-sugar cupcakes, iced with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with carob buttons and carob chips in some vague imitation of bear faces.
They don't look very much like bears, but seemed pleasing enough to a house full of children, and I'm fairly certain I got away with the carob!

For the first time in twelve months, my daughter could eat shared food without restrictions. Her happy whoop said it all!

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