Saturday, April 6, 2013

Winter's Coming...but the wolves are not having my beef!

Today, hubby collected another order from Rannoch Meats, at Hill Street farmers market.
I'm always a little excited when he arrives home struggling under the weight of a quarter cow, butchered and vacumn-packed into family-sized portions. I never know quite what cuts I'll get. Sometimes we have four or five corned beef joints, this week we had none. Last order saw us cooking sausies and steaks on the barbie like there's no tomorrow. This time round, I'll be stewing, casseroling and braising my way through autumn and winter. Which is no bad thing, considering I'm not really a steak and chips girl, much to my husband's chagrin!
For the first time, I had a few packs of brisket, which is delicious braised slowly with a little bacon and red wine. As well as the brisket, there was shin on the bone, silver side and thick flank, all of which can produce delicious results cooked in a slow cooker, or slowly in the oven.

Take a look at the links on the right, for some great winter casseroles, using some of these cuts.


  1. Great to hear the beef is going well. Some of those recipes look tasty, so with winter coming we will definitely be trying these out.

    We found that most people prefer the silverside as a casserole as you get really great flavor and texture. Though I think some of it has to do with memories of bad dry corned silverside.

    Julian - Rannochmeats

  2. Absolutely loving the meat orders!
    Another way with silverside, if you have it rolled as a joint,is to cook it in the slow cooker for about 8 hours with just a cup of water or stock. The liquid that remains after cooking makes to most fantastic gravy!
    Cooking it this way also makes space in the oven for the obligatory crunchy roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings, which need a higher temperature than the beef would do.