Friday, April 13, 2012

Gala palaver

During my BC (before children) days, I used to dream about all the wonderful cakes that I would whip up in an instant for the school gala's cake stall once I became 'super-mum'. I envisaged row upon row of pretty cupcakes, tooth-achingly sweet caramel shortbread, old-fashioned battenbergs and seasonal sweet treats. There'd be mince pies for Christmas galas, bird-nest cakes for Easter, and ghostly biscuits for Halloween.

Oh how different reality is!

9pm two days before the kindergarten gala, I caught sight of the two empty paper plates sitting on the kitchen bench as I reached for a reviving cup of tea. Aggh! I hadn't made anything! Suddenly, all those wonderful ideas I had were no longer appealing. I needed to make something that I could do on autopilot, wouldn't stick to the glad-wrap covering, and was just a little bit different from the mountains of chocolate cakes and banana loaves that are usually offered at such events.

Having a penchant for biscuits, and with Easter coming up, I ignored the impending bedtime and decided to make Easter chick biscuits.The good thing with these type of biscuits, is that the dough works very well with Stevia, instead of sugar, so you can have an iced biscuit, safe in the knowledge that it will as likely as not, have less than a teaspoon of sugar in it all told.

I have yet to supply any school or kindy cake stall with the type of baking that I had expected to do. Maybe one day, in an energetic moment, I should have a bake-athon and freeze it in anticipation of the next gala?

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