Sunday, April 1, 2012

Raw Meaty Bones

It would appear that I have a feline companion on my journey along the culinary road.
It all started a few weeks ago, when we noticed she was gaining weight whilst eating the recommended amount of a commercial brand of cat food. We had restricted her intake, but she seemed hungry as well as overweight.
A quick search on google, and I found that commercial cat food is loaded with carbohydrates; mainly corn.

Excuse me. Corn? Since when has a cat naturally eaten corn?
Given that most weight gain in humans is down to too much carbohydrate, I could appreciate that our family pet was putting on the grams on this food.
So, armed with little more than a logical mind and the information on the wonderfully helpful  Raw Meaty Bones website, I started to introduce raw meat into her diet.

Initially, we just gave her a little diced chicken mixed with her usual food, then slowly we decreased the amount of commercial food, and increased the chicken until she was eating just the raw chicken meat. To ensure she received all the nutrients she needed, we started to add salmon meat and bones, and offal. Soon, I'm hoping she will be eating whole pieces of chicken such as wings, neck and thighs, then we can start to offer whole pieces of rabbit. A much more natural diet than corn biscuits and mush!

I think she would still prefer the commercial food given chance, but she is loosing the excess weight, and seems to be a happy and healthier cat.


  1. Yesterday evening, the moggy was determined to persuade me to feed her, even though her meal time is usually early morning. In fear of the safety of my lower limbs, I succumbed to her not-so-gentle nibbling and gave her a chicken wing. A moment later, she was crunching happily, bones and all. Success!

  2. ...Or maybe not. it was obviously a glitch. She hasn't tried a bone since :(