Friday, May 25, 2012

Fermented vegetables

Last Wednesday, I went to a workshop on fermented vegetables at Commonsense Organics, Kilbirne.
Hosted by Nicola Cranfield, of the Brooklyn Kitchen, the workshop was packed full of like-minded people. Some were already on a well-established traditional food diet, others recovering from illness and some were just curious about what fermented vegetables could do for them.
First off, I learned heaps. Not just about how to ferment vegetables, but more about the role probiotics play in our health. Who knew that we have a kilo of bacteria in our gut, playing out its important role in digestion and immunity?
I decided to go to Nicola's workshop, because I had heard of fermented vegetables and their health giving properties, and was quite frankly, curious. I had read recipes, and thought they would have a high failure rate (at least to start with), and was not convinced my family would eat them. Thankfully, Nicola's demonstration alleviated my fear of failure, and her tastings showed that I should be able to incorporate the vegetables into my family's diet without too much trouble.
In fact, I was so enthusiastic, that I practically leapt off my chair at the end of the workshop when we were told that the shop was open if anyone wished to buy some veggies to make our first batch.
So it was, that I headed home a happy girl. Full of the excitement of another culinary journey.

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