Thursday, May 31, 2012

Longbush Pork

I've recently been in touch with Longbush Pork. A local farm that breeds traditional Large Black pigs on their farm in the Wairarapa. I had been looking for a local farmer to buy free range, healthy pork from for a long time. Especially as I wanted to make Welsh Faggots which entailed the use of the liver.
I firmly believe that good husbandry, natural food and happy animals produce the most nutritious and best tasting meat, and this is especially important where offal is concerned. I also wanted to buy bacon that had been traditionally cured and free from nitrates.   
Longbush Pork didn't fail me. I ordered a bacon hock, some shoulder bacon and liver. The hock went into a cassolet, the bacon was used in an asssortment of things, and the liver was turned into Welsh Faggots. Each dish was equally delicious. We noticed that the bacon in particular had a stronger flavour than the usual sort (by which I mean free range, supermarket bacon), but that didn't stop a plate of bacon and eggs being polished off in two minutes flat!
All in all, I would whole-heartedly recommend Longbush Pork to anyone who is interested in great quality, great tasting, and well-priced pork and bacon (and of course, offal).

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